About Me

✨The Kind Of Realtor You Would Introduce To Your Parents.😃

I’m a very ambitious realtor with a passion for the world of business where I’m constantly developing work and personal relationships with successful entrepreneurs. This passion allows me to serve my clients effectively in ways that go beyond real estate transactions.

Leaving my home country at an early age and immersing myself in new cultures, had a positive effect on my life. I was able to learn English and meet a diverse group of wonderful people including my wife. 

In my late twenties I was fortunate to come across a YouTube video with a great lesson that changed my life. Listen more and eliminate assumptions. This became part of my communication skill set that opened an opportunity to work for an international telecommunication company as a Land Acquisition Specialist in Costa Rica. 

Working in this position was a great experience. It prepared me for what was going to become my new passion and career. The world of Real Estate. Not long after that, a handful of interesting life events pushed me right out of my comfort zone. I decided it was time to make a move that had been in my mind for a long time. Ever since I can remember, I had a powerful admiration for modern architecture, tall luxury glass buildings and the unique combination of minimalist and vintage interior design. 

I now live in beautiful South Florida with my family and I’m proud to be part of a top Luxury brokerage with more than 200,000 local and international contacts, Ancona Realty.